Prepare To Cringe Your Way Through A Couple Announcing Their Pregnancy Via Taylor Swift

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Prepare To Cringe Your Way Through A Couple Announcing Their Pregnancy Via Taylor Swift Nate and Erica Eaton announcing pregnancy via Taylor Swifts We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together song April 2014 jpgI have seen some awkward, cringe-worthy things in my days on the internet, but this video of a random couple announcing their second pregnancy to the tune of the Taylor Swift song ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ is by far the worst.

But no! Don’t click away from this page! For as incredibly hard to watch as it is, you must watch it all the way through. You really must. Otherwise you’ll never know how it feels for your whole body to be alive with discomfort at the same time. (Unless you’ve been a teenager at some point in your life or seen Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez‘s ‘sexy’ dance routine together, in which case you already know.)

Nate and Erica Eaton already have one baby, born about ten months ago, but they just wanted to take three minutes and nine seconds of your time to announce that they have another one on the way as well! And as we all know, the only way to properly celebrate an exciting announcement like that is via a hastily thrown together video where you and your husband replace the original lyrics by singing your concerns at each other about having another baby so soon. Bonus points for being off-key — in which case this video gets ALL THE BONUS POINTS.

I’m all for babies and family and whatnot, don’t get me wrong. But if you find yourself asking a friend to wander your house with a camera, filming you gently chiding your husband for not changing diapers the first time around, instead DON’T BE DOING THAT.  Because some day both the kids in this video are gonna grow up enough to Google their parents and find out that they were tragically, desperately uncool. (But at least smart enough to disable comments on that video.


Sorry guys, gotta go watch it ten more times. I’m trying to lay off coffee, so I need a good case of the cringes to wake me up.