Crushable’s Most Controversial Posts Of 2014

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Crushable s Most Controversial Posts Of 2014 Crushables Most Controversial Posts of 2014 jpg(Image: Princess Hickmond for Crushable)

Once a year, we here at Crushable like to take a moment to reflect on our actions of the previous twelve months. (Only once a year, mind you. The rest of the time we’re flying blind.)

And invariably, the posts we have to reflect on extra hard are the ones we wrote that got everybody all riled up. This site is very lucky, in that we have an awesome group of commenters, but one of the many things that’s great about them is that they don’t hesitate to tell us when they think we’re wrong. Like, not even for a second.

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So with that in mind, let’s take a look at the most controversial posts of the year — the ones where we got backlash, or a ton of negative comments…or just your run-of-the-mill Twitter death threats. Super hashtag blessed.

1. Ariana Grande Is All Over Twitter Denying She Wants Her Fans To Die, But We Don’t Buy It

Crushable s Most Controversial Posts Of 2014 Ariana Grande in The Way music video GIF gif


If there’s one thing that Ariana Grande‘s fans hate, it’s me writing about her. Because as much as I love her music (and I do, to an embarrassing extent), I really can’t stand her personality. So when I wrote about the fact that she reportedly said under her breath that she wanted her fans to die, people were NOT SUPER PSYCHED ABOUT IT. I ended up with almost two hundred comments telling me how jealous of her I am. But luckily, a bunch of our loyal readers had my back, so I was able to finish out my day without going and crying in a corner.

2. 13 Times Frankie Grande Was The Most Annoying During Ariana’s Billboard Speech

Crushable s Most Controversial Posts Of 2014 Frankie Grande Ariana Grande Billboard speech December 20141 640x349 jpg

Speaking of Grandes, did you know that Ariana has a brother? And that his name is Frankie? And that he’s the most annoying human in the whole history of annoying humans? Well Jill wrote about that simple fact, and was rewarded by comments like this one telling her to never have children:

“The woman that wrote this should be fired. This is disgustingly unwarranted unethical hate on a person who is proud of his sister. I can’t believe this was allowed to be published. Are you guys serious? An adult wrote this article. An adult, a GROWN PERSON, is spending their time writing malicious, vile, hate-filled trash? Disgusting. She should be ashamed of herself. You should be ashamed of yourselves for promoting this. It’s clear that you are devoid of morals. I pray to God that none of you have children because you don’t deserve to be parents. I pray that Jill never will. Someone like this should not raise a child.”

Don’t worry, we fired her. And took away her parenting license.

3. 8 Pieces Of Joshifer Fanfic To Get You All Jazzed Up For Mockingjay

Crushable s Most Controversial Posts Of 2014 Jennifer Lawrence Josh Hutcherson tons of chemistry GIF gif


See, now this one really surprised me. You take a few excerpts of Joshifer fan fiction, published publicly on the internet, cite them correctly so you’re sending the original sources traffic, add your own light-hearted commentary, and end up with a complete shitstorm on your hands with people threatening unfounded lawsuits and accusing you of cyber-bullyimg. Seriously you guys, I was getting called out so hard that I had to write a whole separate response post.

4. In Which I Prove That Lupita Nyong’o Is Better Than Jennifer Lawrence

Crushable s Most Controversial Posts Of 2014 Jennifer Lawrence attending the Golden Globe Awards January 2014 640x473 jpg


A lot of these posts I was surprised to encounter the vitriol I did, but I have to admit that when I wrote a post explaining why I liked Lupita Nyong’o more than Jennifer Lawrence, I had a feeling I was getting into some deep muck. So even though I wrote a detailed explanation of my various opinions on the topic, I wasn’t shocked that people disagreed, just by the intensity behind that disagreement. It was yet another situation where the response was so strong that I felt like I had to write a response defending myself and my right to critique the performances of anyone, even the beloved J-Law.

5. Here’s Why Shailene Woodley Has A Better Career Than Jennifer Lawrence

Crushable s Most Controversial Posts Of 2014 Shailene Woodley attending Divergent screening March 2014 jpg

(Photo: FayesVision /

I should probably just stop writing about J-Law altogether, because it always goes over like the opposite of gangbusters when I get anywhere close to criticizing her, but sue me — I really do think that Shailene Woodley is primed for a stronger, more long-lasting career than Jennifer Lawrence is.

6. Marvel Editor-In-Chief Says It’s ‘Impossible’ Not To Sexualize Female Characters, Must Not Be Very Good At Drawing

Crushable s Most Controversial Posts Of 2014 Axel Alonso July 2012 jpg

(Photo: Alexandra Wyman / Getty Images Entertainment)

I’ll rue the day I first dipped a toe into the comic book waters, but this was an important post for me to write. It was all about Axel Alonso, who’s the editor in chief of Marvel, and comments he made about the sexualization of female characters being so deeply rooted in comics that it’s impossible to get rid of or work around. I don’t agree with that in the slightest, but a whole lot of commenters did, and they weren’t shy about letting me know! Ah, mansplaining, how I’ve missed you.

7. Good For Frances Bean Cobain For Calling Out Lana Del Rey On Being An Idiot

Crushable s Most Controversial Posts Of 2014 Lana Del Rey GIF you and I were were Born To Die gif


Oh Lana Del Rey, you beautiful idiot. You’ve said some dumb things in your time, but your comments about how romantic it would be to die young have gotta be some of the most offensive. Certainly they were to Frances Bean Cobain, who lost her father Kurt to suicide when she was just a baby. I was glad she called you out, and honestly pretty surprised how many of the commenters leapt to her defense on my post.

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