Commenter Reveals Jon Hamm’s Mystery Booty-Bump Partner!

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Yesterday we posted this picture (via JonHamm.Org) of Jon Hamm shaking his booty at Jimmy Fallon‘s Emmys after-party and asked “Who is trying to cut themselves a little slice of Hamm?” Today, the answer!

From commenter Jasper Buckleman:

By Jasper Buckleman
59 mins ago

The lady in white is Kay Cannon, one of the 30 Rock writers. Just outside of the frame is both her boyfriend and Jennifer Westfeldt. But this photo is awesome.

You know, I had a feeling it might have been Kay. She was the one who appeared with Tina Fey during the Emmy video doing the “sexy dance,” correct? So rest easy Jessica Stein, your Hamm is safe. For now….