CollegeHumor’s ‘Religious People Are Nerds’ Video Makes More Sense Than The Creation Story

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My high school was a Catholic private school, where the religious kids were the most popular and there wasn’t much of an arts scene. I was agnostic and into geeky things, so I didn’t hang out with the popular kids. Little did I know, however, that we were virtually the same people! Or so CollegeHumor says. Their new video “Religious People Are Nerds” makes several scarily-logical arguments, like how both social groups get fanatic about their beliefs and take their rules from bearded men.

Wired points out that the “what is a nerd?” debate is getting pretty tired. I’d have to agree, mostly because now that geekery has become much more mainstream, there are outsiders who are eager to pick apart the terminology. (I probably fall into only one or two of the many geeky categories, and I often don’t know the other distinctions.)

But the video’s strongest element is in pointing out exactly what geeks are not: People who will kill for their beliefs. Though geeks may resent you for choosing Star Trek over Star Wars, or even for telling them to their face that they’re socially awkward for playing Dungeons & Dragons, they would never go on campaigns to force their favorite Firefly episode down someone’s throats.

After all, they’re just getting used to the fact that they’re now “allowed” to bring their interests out of the basement.