18 Thoughts Every College Senior Has Had At Least Once

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After three plus years of college, senior year feels like a lot of the same. Same classes, same food, same people. The senior slump of college is so real. It's easy to be sick of the same old same old. Freshmen start to look younger, you know every shortcut around campus, you know which evil professors to avoid, how to get coffee from the caf for free, and you may even realize you've been eating the same wrap for lunch every day for years now.

Basically, you've learned every trick in the book. It's easy to forget the amazing times you once had and try to speed right through the remaining months of your college experience. We're a little older and a little lazier, but it never hurts to remember to seize the day. Even so, anyone who's lived through their last year in college knows that when it comes to the senior slump, these thoughts are almost too real.