19 Things Every College Senior Must Do Before Graduation Day

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Summer is coming to a close, which means college kids are packing up their mom's minivan and moving those boxes they haven't looked through since last semester back to their school's town. While college freshman have their fair share of things to think about, college seniors arguably have it the worst as this last year of University marks the last year of freedom before adulthood (kind of). You want to make your last year of college count.

There are some obvious things you need to complete before graduation — like passing all your classes, finishing your senior project and buying your graduation robes. But those aren't the only things that matter. For most of us who have done the whole four-year college thing, we know that school is a lot more than just grades. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity before you go out into the real world to see what you can do. That said, senior year is a great time to conquer fears, take risks, and brace yourself for the responsibilities ahead. So before you walk across that stage, here is a list of 19 things every college senior needs to do before graduation day.