College Journo Bites Back at Nasty Steve Jobs Email

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This article was originally published on [Back story: Chelsea was working on an article for class when Steve Jobs got lippy with her. Here's her response.]

Dear Mr. Jobs,

The last time we spoke, I was on the train coming home from school, typing away on my Blackberry to you. It was the end of the week, a Thursday night, and I was very, very nervous.

School had just started a week before, and my first journalism assignment was due: an article about the new iPad program on campus at Long Island University, where I'm a journalism student. It's a program that lets students buy iPads at a discount for use in the classroom. I wanted to write about how my college's agreement with your company might impact our academics.

In order to get a credible statement for my article, I called Apple's media relations department, but no one picked up. I called again and left messages day after day, but did not receive a response. My deadline was fast approaching. I tried desperately to find other Apple employees to speak to, but couldn't get in touch with anyone who could answer my questions.

Good journalists never want to give up before they get the story, the truth, the answers their readers want and need to hear. So, even though I was becoming tired of calling, not to mention frustrated, I decided to give it one last shot.

I Googled your email address, and contacted you personally.

To find out Steve's response, go to and read more!