I Dare You To Watch This Clip From The Colbert Report And Not Feel All The Feelings

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The Colbert Report People Destroying America August 15 2013

Let me start off with a disclaimer that this clip from The Colbert Report doesn't feature any celebrities singing songs, promoting their latest film, etc.  It doesn't feature any celebrities at all (at least not in the traditional sense).  It's part of Stephen Colbert‘s “People Who Are Destroying America” segment, and it is incredibly and wonderfully well done.  You will laugh, you will squee, you will laugh some more, you will cringe, and lastly… you will cry.  You will feel all the feelings.

Johnny Cummings is the mayor of a small town in Kentucky.  He is openly gay, he is the town's hairdresser, and, according to several residents of Vicco, KY, he's the “best mayor they've ever had.”  He is also one of the first mayors in the U.S. to pass an anti-LGBT discrimination policy in his town.  What makes this clip so amazing is not just the spot-on, Colbert-humor it's presented with, but the true heart behind the story.  It will open your eyes and make you a lot less judge-y about small-town folk with Southern accents, if nothing else.

If you can, watch it all the way through the end.  The last 30 seconds or so will absolutely melt your heart and have you wondering why everyone in the world can't figure out what a regular Joe from Vicco, Kentucky figured out a long time ago.  It's simple, and it's beautiful.