20 Things That are Too Real When You’re Clumsy

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Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t have clicked on this article unless you were clumsy AF. As much as you’d like to deny it, you’re just on a different equilibrium than what seems like the rest of the world. You regularly fall over, drop things, and run into walls and it’s gotten to the point where people are genuinely concerned for your well-being. Rocking white outfits is never an option for you anymore because you know that there’s a good chance you’ll spill something on yourself and living in a three-story walk-up? Forget about it!

Hollywood makes being clumsy look really cute and endearing, but you know the truth. Being clumsy is all fun and games until you end up in the emergency room for the fourth time this month. Trying to figure out how you got those random bruises keeps you up night as does the feeling of impending doom over that party you're going to where wearing heels isn't optional.

If all of this is true for you, here are some things that you definitely know to be true when you’re clumsy… and not in the cute way. (Well, maybe in the cute way.)