Watching One Woman Sing ‘Let It Go’ As Famous Divas Will Make You Think Spring Has Come Early

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Christina Bianco Let It Go impressions February 2014

At this point I'll take any excuse to listen to “Let It Go” from Frozen. We should just make it our worldwide anthem as a human race. We have national anthems, so why not a global one? Better yet, let's make it a universal one. I'm sure aliens love it too. And since we all love listening to this song so much, it's nice to change things up sometimes with a cover or a parody. Luckily there are lots of those on the Internet, like this one of Drama Desk Award nominee Christina Bianco singing it as different divas, from Idina Menzel herself to Liza Minnelli.

You might remember Christina's cover of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” as 19 different singers, or her hilarious cover of “Firework” in which she even imitated Rachel Zoe. So maj. Here she starts off imitating Elsa herself, Idina Menzel, and then she goes into Demi Lovato, who also sang “Let It Go” for the end credits. Those impressions took me a few lines to get into because I'm just not used to people doing them, but eventually a line or two really hit me and it worked. Then Christina just goes into a rapidfire chain of impressions. Half of why she's so fun to watch is the speed at which she can switch between voices. She also gets her own voice in there, and holy Broadway does she sound fabulous!

If you live on the East coast and are braving the cold with a big side of ice and snow, there's nothing like listening to a little Frozen to cheer yourself up, especially when it's as fun as this. Look out your window. What's that? Is the sun out? Are the flowers blooming? Spring has come! And it's all because of this video! Wait a minute, you actually might just be hallucinating. Down a cup of hot cocoa and pull yourself together.