Tumblr Trolls Us With Fake Christina Aguilera Weight Gain Quote

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Christina Aguilera fake quote weight gain Billboard Tumblr troll

Well, I feel pretty dumb. This morning Crushable was one of many legit pop culture sites that reported Christina Aguilera‘s alleged quotes about gaining weight during her Stripped tour in 2002 and how her record company pressured this Ecuadorian genie to stay in the bottle of being a skinny white girl. But now her rep tells Entertainment Weekly, “She never said them.”

Now, you could say that maybe we were all mistaken because there wasn't a Billboard article with the quotes. But that's often the case with magazine interviews, where it's exclusive to the print edition and only one or two quotes have been shared online in advance of the new issue. However, EW thinks that it's traced the fake quotes back to this Tumblr post, from a user named (appropriately enough) fat girl in cheap clothes. If I'd seen that before writing up my post, I probably would've been suspicious since it also attributes the quote “I'm 31, my boobs are Max‘s and my pussy is mine” to Xtina. (Although interestingly, fat girl in cheap clothes says she got the quote from another Tumblr called bigfatpussyyy, which has since been taken down.)

Maybe we rushed to believe them because we wanted some celebrity champion of bigger bodies… and of course, because we loved the juicy bit of gossip from an era where we were all kids and definitely noticed Christina's changing body but didn't really understand where all the uncomfortable criticism was coming from. Someone on Tumblr knew that and managed to hoodwink us all into reblogging and reposting this fake quote. It's just like the Jennifer Lawrence Photoshop .gif that turned out to be completely fabricated, intended to work us into an angry frenzy over the idea of body acceptance without giving us a real role model.

It turns out the only legitimate quote from Christina about her body is what she recently told Lucky: “Actually, the challenge I’ve always had is being too thin, so I love that now I have a booty, and obviously I love showing my cleavage.” Sorry to say, but that's a lot less fun than what we originally thought she said.

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