Chris Hemsworth’s Adorable Impression Of Daughter India Rose Hemsworth Should Win Him Father Of The Year

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Chris Hemsworth imitate India Rose Hemsworth baby cute gif videoIf there's anything we've learned from the STFU Parents posts over at our sister site Mommyish, it's that parents who can make fun of their kids are the best. Now, we've already branded Chris Hemsworth a DILF who will protect his adorable daughter India Rose Hemsworth from any threat… but who knew that the new dad also had a great sense of humor about his kid?

Continuing their Snow White and the Huntsman press tour, Chris and co-star Kristen Stewart had a fun interview with Australia's The Circle where they discuss fame and Chris whacking his own hand with his hunstman's axe. But by far the best part of the video comes at 2:03, when Chris imitates little India Rose. I love how he can poke fun at the weird stuff babies do — how do they get out of their blankets, seriously? — but you can also see how affectionate he is.

Such a proud papa!