The Chat Roulette Version Of ‘All I Want For Christmas’ Is Here And It’s Amazing

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Steve Kardynal in Chat Roulette All I Want For Christmas GIF December 2013(via)

It's finally here, you guys. The Christmas present you didn't know you were even waiting for until you got it. I know technically Christmas Eve isn't even until tomorrow, but I'm feeling very generous, so I'm gonna let you open it right now.

It's the Chat Roulette version of Mariah Carey‘s ‘All I Want For Christmas (Is You)' — which has been an extremely popular parody song this season, now that I think about it — created by the same guy who always makes these masterpieces, Steve Kardynal. The basic premise is that he gets on Chat Roulette, which is still a thing, against all odds, and lip syncs to a popular song until he has enough footage of people being shocked/dismayed/delighted/in awe/amused/or any other reaction they might have, to link them all together and make a moving picture of it.

As you can see, he's gotten pretty great at it over the years since he's been doing it, and every time he makes a new video, his sets and costumes get more and more elaborate. Even from his last video, which was ‘Wrecking Ball' and only like four weeks ago, he's really bumped the production value. I mean, we all saw the wrecking ball fall from the ceiling last time, but there were none of those shenanigans this time around!

I count like…five or six slutty Santa outfits this year? And eager elves? Not to mention the blond wig and all the decorations in the background. He really went all out for the holidays. We could all take a lesson from Steve Kardynal — GO BIG OR GO HOME.