Charles Barkley Exposed White People Problems On Last Night’s SNL

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Last night on Saturday Night Live former NBA star and current Weight Watchers hawker Charles Barkley hosted, making fun of himself, among other basketball players. His best performance of the night was as the host of what could be the next great reality show, White People Problems, giving us a glimpse of everyday struggles, like trying to figure out if a fast food chicken strip is free range. SNL also showed us last night how easy it is to make any cast member look like a vintage porn star. Here are three of the best sketches from last night's show.

Kristen Wiig is quite flexible and Taran Killam would look good as a bleached blonde. I wonder if someone in the adult film industry will make a SNL-themed film in retaliation.

Taking Chantix can be fun. You can have lovely conversations with produce and open a jar with ease, just make sure to start while your husband's out of town. And no spaceships.

The best part of this skit might be the opening credits. Nursery school applications can be stressful.