The Tatum Baby Officially Has A Gender And A Name, And I’m All, ‘Whoa, Slow Down’

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Channing Tatum Jenna Dewan-Tatum Oscars February 2013

We've known about the birth of Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Channing Tatum's baby for a few days now, but we were still unaware of the baby's gender or name. But now that information is official! I know what you're thinking. Whoa, slow down there, Tatums. Your baby already has a gender and a name? Shouldn't that take longer? You just had the baby last week. Maybe take a page out of Adele's book and just tease the baby's name with necklaces and tattoos? Ah, well, some people want to be unconventional, I guess. That's cool.

But anyway, on to the news. The Tatums announced that they had a baby girl, and her name is… Everly. And so begins the confusing period in every pop culture follower's life when they must decide if they like a celebrity baby name. Give yourself some time. Maybe make a cup of tea and really let it sink in. I for one have already decided that I like it. It's unique without being totally out there. It's easily pronounceable, so teachers will hopefully not sit at the front of the classroom making weird noises trying to figure out how to say it. At least, I'm guessing it's easy to pronounce, if I'm pronouncing it correctly. I also enjoy that it can be used as an adverb.

But you know what else I like about their daughter's name? It's not a fruit. Or a mythical creature. Or a borough of New York City. It just shows you how low our standards are these days. We're all, “Just don't name your kid after a food and we'll be cool, celebrities.” According to my research, Everly is Old English for “boar meadow.” So, there's that. They could have named her Boar Meadow, but instead they chose to go the Old English route. And that's admirable.

So congratulations to Channing and Jenna and their daughter Everly Tatum. I look forward to watching Step Up: Baby Edition in a few years. It'll be adorable and fierce.

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