The First Tatum Family Photo Is Here, Let’s Update The Dictionary Entry For ‘Beautiful’

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Channing Tatum Jenna Dewan Tatum baby Everly 2013

I've found my new favorite celebrity family and their name is Tatum. Yesterday, while the rest of the world was celebrating Father's Day with awkward viewings of the Miss USA pageant, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum were celebrating by being beautiful. You might recall that the Tatums recently welcomed their first child, a baby girl with the unique-but-not-fruit-based name Everly. Yesterday both Channing and Jenna shared the first photo of Everly on their Facebook pages. Channing captioned his, “First Father's Day with my girls,” while Jenna called Everly her “lil angel” in her post. In addition to being a gorgeous photo of a gorgeous family, can we talk about how wonderful it is that this photo wasn't sold to a magazine for millions of dollars?

In a world where Kris Jenner might be calculating how much “baby” equals in American dollars as we speak, how lovely to see a celebrity couple sharing the image of their new family with their fans without profiting from it with a magazine cover. Obviously people want to see what baby Everly looks like, and now we have without it being a big cashy deal. These two are good'uns. Just look at that photograph. I want to frame it in fluffy clouds and send it sailing along the edge of a rainbow for it to land in the lap of a leprechaun who can pass it along to a unicorn who will use its magic to turn it into a constellation that people will stare at in their hovercrafts a thousand years from now and say, “Who's the lovely family living up there in the stars?” It's the stuff Disney movies are made of. It's just that beautiful.

In fact, let's get the dictionary people on the phone to order a recall of all the dictionaries in the world so they can officially update the entry for “beautiful” with this picture. From the ethereal lighting to the baby's peaceful sleeping face to Channing's earthy poncho get-up to the adoring looks on the parents' faces, this photo was made to help children and people learning English study their vocabulary. Made for it.

(Photo: Facebook)