Channing Tatum Holds A Lump That’s Probably A Baby, The Crowd Goes Wild

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Channing Tatum baby Everly July 2013

Nothing makes women go wild more than an attractive man holding a baby. In fact, I'm pretty sure those Girls Gone Wild videos originated when someone showed a group of women a photograph of a man with a chiseled jawline holding a baby in a knit cap. They didn't know who the man was or if that baby belonged to him or if the hat belonged to the baby, but they went wild. So you can imagine what these new photos of Channing Tatum holding his baby daughter Everly are doing to the female population of the universe. That's right, the universe. Because I hear even Martian ladies are looking at these pictures on their magic orbs and feeling their own Martian hearts turn into gooey butter. They're particularly fond of pictures of men holding babies and also some good revenge cleavage.

Channing and wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum arrived at Vancouver with baby Everly in tow. At least, I'm pretty sure it's Everly under there. If you looked at the above photo without any context, you might just think Channing Tatum, having made some headway on the newsboy cap front, had started trying to bring the full-length bib back into style. But if you examine the photo closely, you'll see that under that blanket-bib, there's a lump that I hear is actually a baby. And not just any baby, but Channing Tatum's baby. Here's another photo if you suspect it might just be a Christmas ham or a particularly noticeable food baby.

Channing Tatum and baby Everly July 2013

You might think the women of the world would look at these pictures, see no baby, and move on with nary an “aww” or “how precious.” Not even a stray gasp. But word is coming in from my own ovaries that this is not the case. Whether it's a blanket lump or a fully visible baby, if Channing Tatum is holding it, that's enough. Plus, we've all seen what Everly looks like thanks to that absolutely lovely photograph Channing and Jenna recently shared, so we can just do a little mental Photoshopping and superimpose the real baby into Channing's arms. And the crowd (including Martians) goes wild!

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