Channing Tatum’s Baby Falls Asleep To Prince’s ‘Most Beautiful Girl In The World,’ And Can You Blame Her?

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Channing Jenna Dewan Everly Tatum First Baby PhotoChanning Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum have a baby daughter named Everly, and we've been saying she'll be the most beautiful girl in the world since we first heard she was in her mommy's tummy. So is anyone surprised that she's now taken that title and run with it? Her dad was the Sexiest Man Alive until a stubbly reality show judge took his place, and her mom has a pregnancy glow even when she's not pregnant. Little Everly knows she was created by beautiful people, and I think it's gone to her head.

Channing went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about little eight-month-old Everly, and after adorably gushing about how she says “Dada,” he discusses her excellent taste in music. He basically admits that he's the Cady Heron to Everly's Regina George, explaining that sometimes he doesn't feel cool enough for her. Apparently Everly will only fall asleep to certain songs. “Rock-a-bye Baby” is for philistines. She loves Drake (YOLO), and she also loves Prince's “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World.” Umm, do I even have to say anything else? Even Channing is like, “she might be conceited.”

She might be, but I think it's all our fault. I'm pretty sure back when Channing and Jenna first got married I was like, “Ugh, their baby's going to be the most beautiful girl in the world.” I didn't even know if they would have a baby, and I certainly didn't know if it would be a girl. I wouldn't be surprised if back in 1994 Prince met Channing and Jenna separately and thought, “They would make the most beautiful baby together. I want to write a song about that baby,” and out popped Everly's favorite lullaby. She's an itty bitty diva, but we can't really blame her.

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