12 Unbelievable Celebrity Rumors That Just Won’t Go Away

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I live in a dangerous world over here in Bloggytown, that I'm not sure all of you are aware of. It's a little village right between Rumorville and Confirmation City, and you have to be very alert while wandering its streets.

One false move and you'll get called out for making a claim that you can't support, which makes celebrities and their teams very angry, and triggers all sorts of badness that's just no fun at all. But never prick up your ears at a rumor, and you'll find yourself sitting at your desk with nothing to do all day. It's a thin line to walk, but somebody's gotta do it.

So as a result, we here at Crushable have gotten pretty good at predicting which rumors are exactly that — rumors — and which ones have a little more substance to them. We tend to ignore more stories than you think, because there's absolutely no proof behind them. BUT. Some of those stories stick around, and those are the ones that have us baffled. They return month after month, year after year, never dying off the way made up stories do, but never gaining enough traction to really get printed either, y'know?

So in honor of unsolved mysteries, here are 12 Unbelievable Celebrity Rumors That Just Won't Go Away. Read them at your own risk, and please excuse my prolific use of the words ‘allegedly', ‘supposedly', and other words that are intended to convey that we have no idea if any of these are true or not.

1. Did Beyonce use a surrogate?

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She put footage in her HBO documentary ‘Life Is But A Dream' that proved otherwise, but a lot of people still aren't convinced that she carried Blue Ivy herself.

2. Is Kanye West gay?

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Given, he officially put his man parts into Kim Kardashian‘s lady parts and created a wee baby North West, but he's been dogged by blind items for years now that insist he has a gay lover in France.

3. Jennifer Aniston is always pregnant.

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Honestly, let's just admit that Jen is a medical marvel. She's been gestating the same fetus for like ten years.

4. Did Kim Kardashian get butt surgery?

Kim Kardashian Skeptical(via)

She got an x-ray on Keeping Up With The Kardashians that doesn't seem to show any telltale lines of an implant, but with a rumpus room like that, the rumors may never fully die off.

5. Are Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles in a relationship?

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We should be so lucky, you guys. It doesn't seem super likely, given that Harry is pretty sure he's not even bisexual, let alone gay, but a gal can dream, right Larry Shippers?

6. Is the Illuminati real? Are Jay Z and all his friends in it?

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Jenni is the resident expert on this, but OH MY GOD YOU GUYS THERE ARE SO MANY SIGNS.

7. Does Joe Jonas have a sex tape?

Joe Jonas Laugh(via)

Oh man you guys. We were so close to getting an answer on this one earlier in the year. BlindGossip swore that Joe's girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler was trying to sell an intimate tape of theirs, but the Jonas team started doing damage control, and all mention of it vanished from the internet, hopefully to emerge someday and put this rumor to rest permanently.

8. Did Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have a fake relationship?

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There's a large contingent of people who allege that K-Stew and R-Pattz's relationship was manufactured solely to sell the Twilight movies, which they say was proved by the supposedly fake affair between Kristen and her director Rupert Sanders. Some people even suggest that Kristen and Rob are both gay and using each other to ‘pass' as straight. Innnteresting.

9. Who is Suri Cruise's father?

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As obvious as it seems that Tom Cruise is the father of Suri Cruise, there are those people out there who allege that the timeline suggests it could actually be Chris Klein, who dated Katie Holmes before she got together with Tom.

10. Did Kris Jenner release Kim's sex tape?

Kris Jenner Shoot Me(via)

This one is probably the most likely to be confirmed or denied in our lifetime, because I feel like Kris Jenner is incapable of keeping quiet about her publicity skills for very long.

11. Is Ryan Seacrest gay?

Ryan Seacrest Katy Perry(via)

I mean, he bought Julianne Hough a $3 million break-up mansion after their relationship ended. So this one is anybody's game.

12. Is Jamie Lee Curtis a hermaphrodite?

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I honestly have no idea where this one even got started, but it's been around forever. Regardless, it's nobody's business but Jamie Lee's, so we'll likely never get an answer. Which is probably how it should be.