Celebrity Lookalikes: Willow Smith’s New Hair And This Yellow Tennis Ball

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As part of her continuing quest to have hair every color of the rainbow, 11-year-old singer/fashionista Willow Smith has dyed her short locks lemon yellow. She looks as adorable (and creepily similar to her dad) as ever, but I still can't help thinking her fashion twin in this instance is our good friend, the yellow tennis ball.

Why did she dye her hair this color? Is it an homage to her favorite past time, tennis? Or is this just a brief stop on the way back to greensville? Will she ever have hair she can whip back and forth again? Or is she “past that”? Do you think her parents/nannies ever get sick of driving her to the children's hair salon for touch-ups and color changes? I don't know the answers to these questions, but I do know this: I love me some Willow Smith. Tennis ball head or not, this kid has more style and originality at 11 than most of us have as fully-grown adults.

(Via The Daily Mail)