Celebrity Instagram Creeping: OMG Kim Kardashian Is Going To Break The Middle East

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Get out your Mayan calendars, everyone!  This week, celebrity Instagram stalking has shown me that not only has the Kardashian Kollection taken over the Middle East, but that Kim Kardashian hopped on a plane overseas to sit down with the ambassador to Kuwait.  This isn’t a joke; it’s a sign of the end of days. 

Remember when Hurricane Sandy hit and those few rando Facebook friends thumped their virtual Bible by posting about God’s wrath, and the hurricane being punishment for gay marriage and porn?  At the time, I went on a major un-friending spree while making fun of their obvious mental illness.  Now I’m wondering if they know something the rest of us cynical heathens don’t know, because anything that involves a Kardashian and international diplomacy has to mean the Apocalypse is nigh. 

Behold!  I give you proof of impending doom:


This is Kim gearing up for her flight.  To the Middle East.  Where a provocative (read: slutty/non-relevant/annoying) American woman is pretty much treated as the Devil in disguise.   She’s obviously trying to convey that she comes in peace like she’s about to greet aliens, because Kuwait is practically Jupiter you guys.


So the launch of a cheap American clothing line gets an American reality star a meeting with an Ambassador?  The times, they are a changin’.  I bet Kathy Ireland’s 90s clothing line is so pissed at K-mart right now. 


And lastly, just to show that Kim is “one of the people”… drinks!  Not just any drinks, but pretty rainbow ones!  Also, she charged a Bahraini arm and a leg for tickets to see her in person… like, more than most Bahrainis earn in a month.  I bet this visit does wonders for the international opinion of the United States!


(Photos: Instaview)