2013 Celebrity Haircuts, Ranked From Good To Whyyyy

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Mindy Kahling The Mindy Project Hair Cut


Nothing's official yet, but I'm currently getting through all of the necessary paperwork to declare 2013 the Year of the Celebrity Haircut. Its only competition in the name race that I'm just inventing right now is the Year of Not Understanding Feminism, which was all over the place as well. But there can only be one winner and I'm casting my vote for the hair one because where would we all be if celebrities weren't constantly changing their appearances? We'd be somewhere, but is that honestly a place that you'd want to be?

While I've been rocking the same hair for a solid half-decade now, these celebs have been living la vida loca for me. For every hairstyle that Rihanna had for one second, there were 5 celebrities going under the hair knife. It's almost too hard to keep up with, but then I remember that the only other thing I care about is keeping crumbs out of my bra and resume keeping track of all of the hair styles in Hollywood. So, what better way to polish off 2013 than with a ranking of all of the celeb haircuts that have gone down this year?

P.S. – I promise you that I won't use the annoying word “tresses” even once this whole time.

1. Shailene Woodley's Bob

Shailene Woodley ELLE 20th Annual Women In Hollywood Beverly Hills California October 22 2013

(Photo: Brian To/WENN)

Shailene pulled an Anne Hathaway and chopped off her hair for her role in the upcoming book-to-movie, The Fault In Our Stars; although, unlike Anne, Shailene's going to have more screen time than the opening credits. I love this look on her and it's so different from the long hair I'm used to seeing her with. But what I love even more than those things is the fact that she donated the many inches of hair she cut off to a wig-making charity.

2. Jessie J's Buzz Cut

Jessie J Isle of MTV Concert Malta June 26 2013

(Photo: Rene Rossignaud/WENN)

Jessie freaking J went and shaved off her signature black bob for the Comic Relief fundraiser and came out looking flawless. She's actually had quite a few hair changes this year, but this blonde buzz cut is my absolute fav.

3. Helen Mirren's Pink Pixie

Helen Mirren EE BAFTAs February 10 2013 London England UK

(Photo: Zak Hussein/WENN)

I actually didn't even know that Helen did this until just now, despite my ever-growing obsession with her. But, now that I do know, I never want to forget it because it's so awesome.

4. Jennifer Hudson's Pixie

Jennifer Hudson Black Girls Rock New Jersey October 27 2013

(Photo: PNP/WENN)

Of all of the hair styles that I've seen Jennifer with in her career, this one is the best. I love love love how sleek and put-together it looks.

5. Elizabeth Moss' Pixie

Elizabeth Moss Crystal + Lucy Awards June 12 2013 Los Angeles California

(Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN)

Elizabeth is Peggy Olson, no more. I love seeing her with blonde hair after only knowing her as a brunette. Also props to her for cutting it to the perfect length of pixie that requires the least amount of maintenance. That's my kind of hairstyle.

6. Beyonce's Pixie, Then Bob

Beyonce Pixie Cut

(Photo: Instagram)

I was reallllly into Beyonce's hair when she Insta-debuted it, which is why I was extra disappointed when she backpedaled, like, three days later and put in extensions. The bob is cute and all, but I'm team Bey's Pixie Forever.

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