Celebrity Hair Gallery: Actresses/Performers Who Can Do Both Straight And Curly Hair

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AnnaLynne McCord curly hair straight hair

When it comes to hair, Hollywood can be a bit like high school—go to any awards show, and you're staring at a sea of identical heads with the same hair color and stick-straight look. But there are some actresses and performers who incorporate their hair into their style, playing with curly and straight depending on the venue and the event.

We want to highlight the ladies who embrace their natural curl instead of succumbing to the flat iron, or who know how to tame their celebrity hair into a sleek look for awards shows and interviews. We're jealous of their chameleon-like ability to switch between styles; check out our favorites in the gallery!

The one thing that sours my love affair with New York City is the constant humidity, even during the winter months. So although I was a little intimidated to try nuNAAT's Ultra Keratin Touch 30 Day Brazilian Smoothing System (only available at Walgreens), I was excited to see that the serum was able to smooth a lot of my frizz and gave my hair a glossy shine.

This is definitely a haircare system for someone who's used to manipulating her hair: The process of sealing in the smoothing gloss requires a blow dryer, brush, and flat iron. That said, the instructions are incredibly easy, and the kit — shampoo, conditioner, and gloss — will easily last you for at least a month. You put in the gloss once, perform upkeep with shampoo/conditioner however often you shower, and reapply the gloss 30 days later.

I opted to air-dry my hair after I put the gloss in, sealed it, and washed it out; and later that day, it was already taking effect. I could clearly see a glossiness to my hair that hadn't been there before, and the flyaways I was used to were smoothed away without my hair looking greasy.

To clarify: I have very curly hair, so I can't speak to how this affects other hair types. But I'd say that if you have straight hair, it should make it smooth and shiny; wavy hair, it will probably straighten things out; and curly hair, it'll clean up so you look less frazzled.

This post was sponsored by nuNAAT.