5 Awesome Outfits For Normadults Inspired By Celebabies

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Today is the day you realize there are babies out there who you can reasonably be taking style cues from. Yes, babies.

When I decided to write about outfits for normal, adult ladies inspired by celebrity babies, I figured I'd have to throw in some older Hollywood children. A Honor Warren here, a Suri Cruise there. But it wasn't necessary. Celebabies are so stylish that I was able to do this with only toddlers and one very special infant. Granted, the infant mentioned is literally wearing a blanket, but she's on lush white fur and the blanket is probably cashmere. Plus we know who all these kids' parents are, so a couple educated guesses were made as well.

First up, Skyler Berman

rachel zoe in manhattan with skyler berman 9.13.13


This may appear to be a tiny Coachella attendee, but it's Skyler Berman, Rachel Zoe‘s son who I'm sure she would proudly describe as “boho chic.” I'm also sure that he's praying to the gods above that his momma is prego with a girl this time so that she can focus her feminine ensembles on his sister instead. Clearly, this outfit adapts pretty easily to suit a 24-year-old woman.

skyler for crushable

 Maxwell Drew Johnson



First can I just say, that this baby is devastatingly gorgeous! That's right, I am devastated. Jessica Simpson‘s daughter keeps it down-to-earth though with a graphic tee shirt and no shoes. I went ahead and assumed she'd wear riding boots since she's got Texas in her blood.

maxwell for crushable


 North West

north west kim kardashian instagram


If you think that North West hasn't yet made a formal debut into the fashion world, think again. What may appear to be a straightjacket-like blanket is actually a couture straightjacket-like infant wrap dress. Okay, so really we don't know much about North's fashion sense yet, but if we can gather anything from her parents, she'll like neutrals, fur, and giant handbags.

north west for crushable


 Harper Beckham

harper beckham david beckham la dodgers game 8.27.13


I would wear the entirety of what Harper has on in this picture, but I added a couple things in so we aren't dressing exactly like a toddler. Babies, even celebabies, tend not to wear motorcycle jackets and carry leopard print bags. (By the way, in a perfect world, we would also be able to add in an accessory in the form of David Beckham.)

harper for crushable


Flynn Bloom

flynn bloom miranda kerr LA 4.11.13


This kid is adorable—well, to be fair, they all are– and it's no surprise since his parents are Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom. Flynn here provides us with a nice sneaker look. Or you can choose to be lame and not get your style inspiration from a baby in which case feel free to dress like his mom instead.

flynn for crushable


So… what celebrity offspring are you getting your style inspiration from these days?