Celebrities Tweeting About #BostonStrong Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity, Also Make You Cry

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Tribute to the Boston Marathon published in Boston Globe April 2014A year ago today, two bombs quite literally tore apart the lives of dozens of spectators at the Boston Marathon. Three people were killed, and an estimated 264 were injured, but the effects were felt far more widely than that.

It was an attack staged not only on the people there on the finish line that day, but also on the city as a whole. A place and a time that should have been dedicated to the achievement of goals and the support of everyone from loved ones to strangers was transformed into an atmosphere of terror, and that's difficult to move on from.

But this is Boston we're talking about, and their resilience in the face of tragedy has been truly inspirational. Survivors of the attack may still be struggling to use their prosthetics, undergoing painful surgeries in the hopes of salvaging a limb destroyed by the blast, or grappling with the loss of loved ones, but the city has truly earned the #bostonstrong hashtag.

I feel a lump rise in my throat every time I read the story of Rebekah Gregory, who's undergoing her seventeenth surgery in an attempt to save her leg or of the Richard family trying desperately to make new memories after the devastating death of their son Martin and the amputation of their daughter Jane's leg…and yet there were people out there commemorating the anniversary today, some of whom will be running the goddamn marathon next week. People who refused to be cowed by fear, and who continue to show up and do the only thing they knew how to do — kept the city running. Literally. That is effing incredible.

I have nothing to add except my own heavy heart for everyone still struggling and my deep thanks for the bravery and heroism of the first responders, so let's hear from some people more important than me instead. Celebrities have been taking to social media all day to celebrate the survival spirit of Boston, and they say it better than I ever could.

Stay strong, Bostonians. So incredibly impressed by you all.