Hoppy Easter: Let’s See How Some Celebrities Celebrate The Holiday Before I Pass Out In A Reese’s Egg Coma

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Angela Kinsey easter

As far as holidays go, I'm not super big on Easter. Not necessarily due to my “spiritual not at all religious” standing, but mostly because I don't like ham that much and I always eat enough deviled eggs to feed an entire football team and pay for it later.  Since my Easter traditions are basically non-existent, I decided to stalk Instagram to see what celebrities do to celebrate the holiday.

And just to keep this PC, I've included a Passover pic from last week.  I try to encompass all believers, because that's just who I am and also I don't want anyone to think that I'm ignorant.  (Thanks, comment section!)

Whether they're decorating eggs, buying brand new Steinway pianos–oh, don't act like your parents didn't buy you a baby grand that one year and hid it along with your basket–these celebs seem to be having fun and not feeling weird about how much I vicariously live through them.

Enjoy the day if you're celebrating and enjoy these photos!