Celeb Lookalikes: ‘Gossip Girl’ Animals Edition

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We decided to go in a new direction with this week's celebrity lookalikes: all animals. You know your favorite cast members resemble furry little creatures deep down inside, whether it's their lip pucker, their penchant for over-applying eye makeup, or their long, flowing locks of hair.

Taylor “I don't want to be a role model” Momsen and her too-thick black eyeliner and a racoon. Separated at birth?

Racoon Momsen

Chuck Bass — sorry, we mean Ed “I'm British in real life” Westwick — and a catfish. Look at the way his lips are puckering. Do you think he's doing the old Olsen “prune” trick so his mouth looks perfectly pouty as he poses for the cameras?

Catfish Westwick

Blake “Plunging V” Lively‘s long, flowing blond hair is so gorgeous that it felt wrong comparing her to a lion. But we're totally okay with pointing out that her hair reminds us of this adorable papillon.

Papillon Lively