In Honor Of His Birthday, We Present The Ultimate CeeLo Green Style Guide

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The existence of CeeLo Green brings up that age-old question: do the clothes make the man? In the singer-turned-The Voice coach’s instance, the answer is yes. Yes, they do. CeeLo is like the physical manifestation of five different Austin Powers characters outfit-wise—but in some weird, weird way, it works for him. So in honor of the sartorially crazy CeeLo turning 39 years old today, we’ve compiled a style guide to his various off-the-beaten-path looks. So happy birthday, Mr. Green! Here’s to many, many more wonderfully wacky outfits! We’ll never “Forget You”…or, errr, your clothes?

CeeLo Green The Voice White Suit Monochromatic Style(via)

1. Like one color? Use it ALL the time. Let’s start with the basics. One thing you’ll start to notice when you look back at CeeLo’s outfits is that the dude likes monochrome. This all-white outfit is made even more perfect by the fact that I can’t tell if he’s wearing shoes. And if CeeLo is just chilling/judging people in his socks, I can A) totally relate and B) totally admire his commitment to comfort, even on life television. Adam Levine, eat your heart out!

CeeLo Green The Voice Muppets Outfit(via)

2. Follow the sartorial lead of your companions, no matter what their species. I feel like CeeLo and me would get along because of our deep commitment to themes. And when he’s riding in with a sleigh of Muppets, he’s like, “DAMN. Make me one too.” I applaud you CeeLo, I really do. Even though that fuzzy vest was probably made from some Muppet fur, ethical issues be damned! He's displaying some true commitment to the becoming-a-Muppet cause, and who am I to judge?

CeeLo Green The Voice Red Suit Cat(via)

3. A cat is the greatest accessory a person can have. If you want to take a tip from CeeLo’s style playbook, get a cat. Literally, just get a cat. And if you don’t have a cat? Get one on rental. It’s basically the same thing, and it's basically what he did. With some pure fluffy goodness, CeeLo has managed to elevate a simple red suit into…*magical* territory. I’m only a little bummed because Purrrfect The Cat has since been retired, and CeeLo has moved on to a pink Moluccan Cockatoo named Lady. But I still have a deep affection for Purrrfect because he/she is a cat and awesome and goes with any outfit. So there.

CeeLo Green The Voice Curly Hair Style(via)

4. Take style inspiration from a variety of people, even if those style inspirations make no sense. In this get up, CeeLo is channeling a pirate/Michael Bolton/basically the same thing. And maybe also a little bit of Criss Angel? I really don't understand the precise inspiration behind this outfit, but I feel like it's something similar to a really over-my-head literary novel. So many layers! So many layers!

CeeLo Green The Voice American Flag Poncho Election


5. Never shy away from a statement piece. Just when you thought you couldn’t love CeeLo more, he comes out with an American flag poncho. A mother-effin' American flag poncho. The knit is a nice departure from his usually shiny synthetic fabrics, but still keeps up with his love of all things matchy-matchy. Total win.

CeeLo Green And Friends Taping Red Outfit(via)

6. Lady Gaga's style is gender-neutral. I have come to the conclusion that CeeLo and Lady Gaga are basically style soulmates. Seriously, I’m feeling a collaboration. Anyone? Anyone? This plasticky red trench coat (dress?) is basically a less formfitting version of the red plasticky dress that Mother Monster once wore to meet the Queen of England. So, twinsies?

CeeLo Green Grammy Awards Crazy Outfit(via)

7. If you're wondering, “WTF?”, you're headed in the right style direction. CeeLo's infamous 2011 Grammy Awards look is infamous for a reason. There's a breastplate. And a bedazzled knight's cap. And feathers. And more feathers. It's a wonder he managed to make it out onstage, but the magic of how CeeLo manages to wear the clothes that he does is something that I'll never understand. But you know what? I wouldn't want to anyway. It's much more fun watching him do his thang, feathers and cultural appropriation and all.

CeeLo Green Forget You Green Teal Tracksuit(via)

8. Casual looks still got swag. And in case you thought that being CeeLo Green entails only fancy headdresses and ruffly shirts, I thought I’d include some casual CeeLo. Because, CeeLo. He’s just like us! Except a little bit shinier, a little bit more teal, and a lot more sporting sunglasses indoors.

CeeLo Green The Voice Leopard Print Cape(Photo: Us)

9. When it comes to style, it's all in the attitude. Seriously, like a boss. CeeLo is wearing a leopard print cape like a boss. Need I say more?