19 Clever Comebacks to Catcalling That Every Millennial Will Appreciate

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We've all been there before. Whether we're getting groceries, going out to dinner or rushing off to work, there's always that dreaded possibility of getting catcalled by a misogynistic creep. And it's frustrating because it's not like anyone asked for their opinion on the size of our boobs or how much better we'd look if we smiled, you know?

But alas, these guys will always believe that they have every right to demand our attention by making inappropriate comments – even if that puts us in an uncomfortable position or, even worse, makes us fear for our own safety.

Now of course, there is no “right way” to deal with street harassment. Each situation is different, and in some cases, you may actually come across a lunatic with serious anger management issues. In moments like these, you shouldn't feel the need to say anything at all – especially if there aren't other people around or if you feel threatened in any way. But if you happen to be in a busy setting where you A) feel safe, B) feel bold, and C) have the strong urge to give that inconsiderate douche a piece of your mind, then by all means, fight back with your humor and creativity! See some of the most awesome comebacks that every female millennial will appreciate.

1. Give them a ridiculous compliment in return.

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Just give them a dose of their own medicine by trying out the same lines and tactics that they used on you. They'll finally understand what it feels like to be on the receiving end of the harassment.