Cassandra Whitehead Moves From ‘ANTM’ To ‘Mad Men’

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Last night on the finale of Mad Men, it was hard to ignore the pretty lady Rich Sommer‘s character Harry Crane couldn't stop drooling over. If she looked familiar to you, there's a reason. She's Cassandra Whitehead from America's Next Top Model.

Before last night, Cassandra's biggest claim to fame was being the one and only contestant to walk off Tyra Banks‘ modeling contest.

Cassandra was a Texas beauty queen before coming on America's Next Top Model, and did not react well to her makeover on the show – the producers cut off her long brown hair and dyed it blonde. When they threatened to cut it shorter, she walked off the set.

We thought the girl playing Carolyn Jones looked familiar. But our commenter Charlie was the one to tip us off to the fact that Cassandra had moved on from playing “Second Hot Girl” in 2 Dudes and A Dream to an actual speaking part on Mad Men last night. As he said:

“You could tell which was her by the not being very good at acting, even though her part was ‘small-time model.'”

Even still, while other contestants from ANTM have gone on to find modeling work after the show, Cassandra's little walk on part is a pretty big step for an ANTM hopeful, especially one that left the show.

And here's a pic of Cassandra from her stint on ANTM: