Carrie Underwood’s Dogs Helped Her Announce Her Pregnancy, And It Was Adorable

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Carrie Underwood dogs pregnancy announcement

Carrie Underwood is expecting her first child with her husband Mike Fisher, so as an early baby shower present I'm going to write this entire post without making a single joke about her performance in The Sound of Music Live last year. Well, I'm going to try at least. Pray for me.

It's definitely helping that Carrie announced the pregnancy in such an adorable way. She posted the photo at left to Twitter yesterday evening. As you can see, Carrie's sitting with her two dogs, who are wearing shirts reading, “I'm going to be a big brother” and “I'm going to be a big sister.” In addition to being a photo of dogs, which automatically makes me go “aww,” it's also just a really cute way to tell people the news.

Here's what Carrie wrote to accompany the photo:

In honor of “Labor” Day…Ace & Penny would like to make an announcement. Their parents couldn't be happier!

Get it? “Labor”? Like when a lady gives birth? Yeah, you get it. In my opinion, family pets should always be involved in announcements, no matter how small. You're calling in sick for work? Send your boss a photo of your dog holding his or her paw to your forehead to feel your temperature. You're starring in the Sound of Music Live? Post a photo of your cat holding a snarky sign that says, “Really? Her?” Ugh, I told myself I'd go the whole post and I failed miserably. Sorry, Carrie.

Mike, an NHL player, got in on the fun as well, replying to Carrie's post with the following joke:

Then he tweeted about their naming plans. I'm hoping this is just a pun and not a name they're actually considering. You never know with celebrities.

Oh, you two silly beans. Stop using up all your cute or else you won't pass any on to your kid. Congrats on the big news!

(Photo: Twitter)