Oh Y’Know, Just Video Of Michelle Rodriguez Making Out With Topless Cara Delevingne

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Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevigne kissing at basketball game January 2014Good day, how are you, how's the family? Oh me? Nothing much, just sitting around my desk on a Monday afternoon looking at a video of Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevigne making out. The usual.

I mean, are there people who go into their jobs in the morning not expecting to see vids of two ladies frolicking in the waves on vacation in Mexico? I've heard that there are, but I don't know any of them because I'm just little old blogger in my internet bubble.

But anyway, even though they've yet to confirm their relationship, Cara and Michelle are vacationing with each other in Mexico right now. Actually y'know what, I take that back. Not the vacationing in Mexico part, because obviously that's happening. I take back the confirmation part, because these two have been confirming and un-confirming like crazy people.

First we saw them exchanging saliva at that basketball game, which could've just been a fluke drunken romp. But then Michelle outed Cara by confirming that they were in a relationship…which she had her manager swiftly backtrack by saying Michelle never gave that interview in the first place. Okayyyy so you're not together? Oh but then you're talking about getting married? And leaping through the waves like passionate (topless) dolphins? I can't keep up.

So yeah, this video was shot by what has to be the world's creepiest, most camouflaged photographer ever, because he or she is on the beach watching them make out in the ocean like directly in front of him. No way they knew he was there, especially because Cara has her top off, like I said, and Michelle picks her up and throws her at one point.

But don't get too excited, guys. Based on their track record, they'll be back to chaste hand-holding in public by the end of the day. I CAN'T FIGURE THEM OUT.

(Photo: Instagram)