This Prisoner Cover Of ‘Call Me Maybe’ Is Actually Really Funny

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Let me start off by saying that I'm totally on Team Stop With The Call Me Maybe Parody Videos. But I'm taking off my team jersey for one second to share this one with you. It's a parody of the parodies. So I feel like that makes it funny. I also feel like that makes it smarter than 90% of the other Call Me Maybe videos we've been exposed to in the past few weeks.

Second City, the genius comedy crew that brings us hilarity all the time, created a response to the now infamous Harvard baseball team cover. With prisoners. And prison guards. So yes, this video includes handcuffs! Which gives it a bit of that 50 Shades of Grey flavor that you're always looking for in your parody videos nowadays.

Oh, and in case you're not already sold and not already watching the video, there's an awesome surprise ending. So stop delaying the inevitable and click play. You know pop music always sounds better when sung in orange jumpsuits.