Call “Fives” For Your Kid With Babysquatter

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Call  Fives  for Your Kid with Babysquatter baby blocks 280x186 jpgContrary to what the name suggests, Babysquatter is not a new and challenging sport for the baby-throwing yoga enthusiasts. Designer Ian Storm Taylor created this irreverent site after reading a recent MSNBC article about parents who chose their children’s names based in part on if the corresponding domain name were still available. Taylor simply capitalized on that demand with an easy-to-use search engine.

Babysquatter is for this generation of soon-to-be mothers, those who believe that in addition to filling out a birth certificate, they’ll also be paying hosting fees on a site that their child won’t be able to operate for at least ten years. It’s like Facebook or other social networks, except that you’re the only one with this exact URL.

The search form lets you input first, middle, and last name, and pops out a bevy of combinations–.com, .me, .name, and .net; and all three names or only the two that are still unclaimed. Of course, it’s not worth much if you’re not married and plan on your kids having the father’s surname — a man you may not have met yet. Still, since you probably have a few first-middle combinations thought up, it’s fun to see what results they’d garner. I tried out the top girl name on my list, and it’s still available. What is it, you ask? No way I’m telling you — this site has made me way too paranoid!