The Truth About All The Craziest Theories On Brittany Murphy’s Possible Murder

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Brittany Murphy attending Across the Hall premiere December 2009Yesterday we were hit with the extremely creepy newsflash that Brittany Murphy‘s death in 2009 might not have been of natural causes after all. She died of cardiac arrest after collapsing in her bathroom, which at the time was attributed to pneumonia and anemia, with most people assuming she'd been abusing prescription drugs and suffering from an eating disorder.

But now, four years later, the LA Coroner's Office may need to reopen the case due to new evidence suggesting that Brittany was poisoned. Her father, Angelo Bertolotti was finally able to get some of her hair, blood, and tissue samples released to his custody, and when he had them tested at an independent lab, they discovered that she had high levels of ten heavy metals in her system. The kinds of metals present not in the over-the-counter cold medications she'd been prescribed at the time, but in poisons like rodenticide and insecticide that would only have been introduced by a third party, according to the report. Long story short: it's kind of looking like Brittany Murphy was murdered.

And since her husband Simon Monjack died five months later under similarly vague circumstances, it's probably time for the case to be reopened. Which the Coroner's Office says they will do if they're presented with compelling evidence. But until that happens, let's rehash some of the rumors about this whole situation, because there were a lot of them, and it was four years ago. Oh and also because they're insane. Here's a sampling for you:

THE RUMOR: The deaths were caused by mold in the house.
THE TRUTH: According to Brittany's mom, Sharon Murphy, the house was never checked for mold, although she later reversed that claim and sued the home's builders.

THE RUMOR: Brittany was killed by her husband, for her money, and then Simon was killed by Brittany's mother for blowing through her money too quickly.
THE TRUTH: All of Brittany's assets were left to her mother when she died, and according to People, Simon was able to blow through 80% of that in the five months between her death and his own.

THE RUMOR: Sharon and Simon both profited off of Brittany's death.
THE TRUTH: They created a foundation called The Brittany Murphy Foundation which was alleged to be a non-profit. However, it was later proven that the paperwork to make it a non-profit was never filed, so it was simply a private foundation accepting donations.

THE RUMOR: They knew something was wrong with Brittany and yet they didn't take her to the hospital until it was too late.
THE TRUTH: In this case, the truth is even scarier than the rumor. According to Simon himself, Brittany was fighting for air that morning, and said to Sharon, ‘Mom, I'm dying, I love you' before going into the bathroom where she was found collapsed within an hour.

THE RUMOR: Brittany's mom and her widower Simon became a couple.
THE TRUTH: They did definitely continue living together after Brittany's death, and her mom once implied in an interview that they shared a bed and that she was using the last name Monjack.

THE RUMOR: Brittany was killed by the government.
THE TRUTH: Brittany had spoken out in defense of Julia Davis, the woman who blew the whistle on the Department Of Homeland Security supposedly letting terrorists into the country. Her father believes that they had her under surveillance and killed her in retaliation for her claims.

Bottom line? Massively shady case, and we know practically nothing. Stay tuned.

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