Taryn Manning Wants Britney Spears To Play An Inmate On OITNB And It’s Everything I Never Knew I Needed

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Taryn Manning Wants Britney Spears to Play an Inmate on OITNB And It s Everything I Never Knew I Needed 200 gif

BE STILL MY HEART. Taryn Manning was interviewed by ET last night on the red carpet at the Emmys and was asked about the only Taryn Manning movie that matters: Crossroads.

Taryn was asked if she could see her Crossroads co-star (and the greatest actress of our time) Britney Spears guest-starring on Orange is the New Black given that she’s also guest-starring on an upcoming episode of Jane the Virgin, and Taryn excitedly said yes.

“Of course, I want Britney Spears everywhere you can see her. She’s the best… I don’t have to make up a character — she’s such a good actor that I feel like they could do anything with her. I was so impressed working with her I was like — she’s just very sincere in her acting, you know? It’s like everyone wanted to maybe hope that she’s not gonna be good but she was great.”

Save for the fact that Crossroads (and Britney’s acting range) was critically panned, Britney would be an amazing addition to the OITNB cast. Can we please remember this heart-wrenching scene in which she convinces her dad that she’s “not a girl, not yet a woman?” and she’s ready to spread her wings and fly. I have ALL the feelings right now.

Thank you, Taryn Manning, for recognizing the depths of Britney’s true talents, and please convince the writers on OITNB that this needs to happen.

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