Bring Your Toenail Art A-Game To The Embrace DIY Challenge!

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Gillette Venus has just released challenge number 2 for their Embrace DIY Contest! So get excited and whip out your most impressive nail polish, because you guys are gonna have a lot of fun with this one. It’s all about jazzy toenail art!

One login to Pinterest will tell you that nail art is the rage in DIY-land these days. Seriously, there are literally thousands of places a girl can get inspired. And with shorts and sandal season right around the corner, this challenge gives you the perfect excuse to make your toesies look extra fly. And the prize? A trip to LA to film a ClevverTV video with YouTube DIY star Bethany Mota, where you will be the featured guest. Not to mention, you’ll snag a sick Gillette Venus Embrace Prize Pack to help kick off your summer DIY projects.

Wait, so all I need to do for a chance to win a trip to LA is do my toenails? Well, sort of. But we really want you to get into it. Go for a design that really showcases your craftiness and creativity. Raid the craft cabinet to see if there’s anything you can repurpose. Seriously, don’t be afraid to be bold!

Here’s how the contest works:

    1. Watch this week’s challenge video hosted by Bethany and pop star Jasmine V, to learn more about this week’s prompt! 
  1. Put your own spin on the challenge. Don’t just copy the project in the video… Get creative!
  1. Take a close-up picture of your glammed-up toes. Be sure to submit a clear, detailed photo along with any others you might use.
  1. Upload your close-up photos to the “Embrace DIY” tab on the Gillette Venus facebook page or on YouTube. You have TWO weeks following the date the challenge was uploaded to submit your entry.
  1. Following those two weeks, you have ONE week to get your friends, frenemies, anyone you can convince, to vote for your project. The winner is decided by a judging panel, but votes play a part too so get out there and campaign! Bribe people with cupcakes and if you need to…
  1. Repeat. There will be a total of five challenges and a new one is uploaded every three weeks. There are only three challenges left after this, so don’t waste any time! After all five winners are chosen, one of them will go on to win the LA trip to film a video with Bethany.

This post is sponsored by Gillette Venus.