Brangelina’s Kids Are Selena Gomez Fans, Let’s Draw Up The Adoption Papers

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Brangelina's kids Maddox, Zahara and Shiloh March 2012

So it turns out Brangelina's kids are Selenators. I would have never guessed. Given their fancy, cultured upbringing, I figured they'd be crazy fans of Yo-Yo Ma or Dame Judi Dench. They'd be Yo Mamas or Dentures, you know? Not that Selena Gomez isn't a cultured choice of celebrity to obsessed over. Wizards of Waverly Place is a masterpiece of magical realism. It just didn't seem to be up the Jolie-Pitt clan's alley. But apparently I was wrong, because Brad Pitt says that his daughters won't see his new movie World War Z because it doesn't feature a certain baby-faced triple threat.

“If it’s got Selena Gomez in it or something they’ll be interested in it,” he told Access Hollywood at the Times Square premiere of “World War Z” on Monday night. “I gotta work on that for the next one.”

So it looks like Zahara, Shiloh and Vivienne (I didn't even have to look that up, you guys. Wanna see me name the boys? Maddox, Pax and Knox. No looking that time either) have one prerequisite when it comes to picking the movies they watch, and that prerequisite is Selena Gomez. I wonder if they'll buy Selena as a carjacker in her new movie with Ethan Hawke. I'll have to ask them the next time we Facebook chat.

But the bigger question is, when is Angelina Jolie going to knock on Selena Gomez's door with adoption papers in her hand and say, “You ready to do this?” I'm guessing we'll hear about it around Christmastime, since it's the ultimate present from Santa. Who wouldn't want Selena Gomez sitting under their Christmas tree as their sibling-gift? Selena would probably be really cool with it, since remember that time she told a story about meeting Brad Pitt and being really excited? Actually, come to think of it, she might not want to be adopted by her Hollywood crush. I would personally not want Ryan Gosling to adopt me. I would, however, be okay with Sandy Cohen from The O.C. doing so. Yes, he is a fictional character, but he's already taken one older child into his home, so I have a chance.

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