Blue Ivy Dances During Beyonce’s Rehearsals, Clearly Already Planning Her Inevitable Coup

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Beyonce Blue Ivy Life is But a Dream

Despite the fact that Blue Ivy's still in diapers, Beyonce's choreographer feels totally comfortable saying that she's a dancing prodigy as well a huge inspiration. Who exactly does she inspire? Well, let me count…oh, right, everyone! All it takes is a few of her “just got control of the way my body works”  moves to get everyone all fired up and enthusiastic about learning a new dance. Why, she's the first person they brought in to soothe the hysterical dancers after Beyonce cut her hair. “There, there,” she's rumored to have said to a dancer who hadn't earned a name yet, “Mother may look different and mother's hair may feel different, but she's still going to ream you out if you don't dance perfectly tonight. So get up and run through that number 300 more times.”

Chris Grant, the choreographer we spoke so highly of in the last paragraph, spoke exclusively to our dear friends at Hollywood Life and filled them in on what's going on behind the scenes.

Sometimes she’s in the studio. She’s enjoying what we’re doing. When you are around something so much and it’s in your parents you might end up being into too. When she comes to rehearsal she is moving her head and dancing around…She really is adorable, we love when she is in rehearsal because she eases up everything.

Do you see that career gem hidden in that quote? That little “you might do what your parents do or not or yes or maybe” line. That's deep. And you know what, also brave. There are very, very few people who would come out on the record and say something like that during an exclusive interview. Chris Grant, he's truly the last great soothsayer/choreographer that we have. May his predictions live on forever! And may this video he exclusively sent us of Blue Ivy dancing turn out to be real.

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