This Blind Item Claims Kaley Cuoco Is Pregnant, So Now Her Rushed Fakelationship Makes Sense

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Ryan Sweeting and Kaley Cuoco attending Emmy Awards September 2013

In case you're behind on the life and times of Kaley Cuoco, let me catch you up to speed: girlfriend's love life is harder to follow than the Ping Pong Olympics.  If the sport of ping pong had its own Olympics, obviously.  One week, she's dating Henry Cavill and making the Man of Steel push her Whole Foods shopping cart around for the sake of publicity, and the next week she's engaged to some childhood friend/tennis player person?  Never mind that she was apparently in a long-term, serious and secret relationship with her Big Bang Theory co-star Johnny Galecki at one point.  I just can't keep up!

Well, according to Blind Gossip, the reason for her insane rush to the altar with this Ryan Sweeting fellow is allegedly because… drumroll, por favor… she's pregnant!

Yes, that’s right, pregnant! Her friends are telling us that she is right around the twelve-week mark. She is not quite ready to announce, but will instead spend the next few weeks wearing loose-fitting clothing and hoping that you don’t notice (just like Kerry Washington). She will definitely announce before the end of the year.

I can hear your wheels spinning, my little hamsters.  Yes, if she's “around the twelve week mark” that would put her at conceiving the alleged baby in early August.  She and Henry Cavill “broke up” in the beginning of July.  So, either Kaley and Henry's one week of love wasn't real in any way, or girlfriend was really enjoying herself this summer.  Either way, it explains her frantic rush to the altar “early next year”, which quite frankly was making me kind of uncomfortable anytime I heard her talk about it. I mean, I've been with the same guy for six years, and every day I get closer to walking down the aisle is a day I want to scream at time to slow dowwwwnnnnn.  To each their own, but I just can't relate.  Even having a bun in the oven wouldn't be reason enough for me to pledge my troth to someone I've been dating less than a full season.

Though all of this is mere conjecture at this point, I'm sure Big Bang fans will have plenty to speculate about what this means for the show.  I've never watched an entire episode, but I've seen enough bits and pieces to know that a preggo Penny might not be a great plot line.  Discuss.

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