Birchbox’s Personalized Monthly Deliveries Are The New Care Packages

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Remember when you were a freshman in college and your parents would send you monthly care packages crammed with your favorite chocolates from home, moisturizer and other toiletries you couldn't afford, and something fun like a new iPhone cover? Or maybe you're still in school but those deliveries have fallen off. It's OK, it happens to all of us.

Well, you can recapture those fun monthly deliveries with Birchbox! Whether you're interested in a three-, six-, or twelve-month membership, each delivery of beauty product samples combines the bite-sized surprise of care packages, trick-or-treating, and Advent calendars all in one — not to mention that they're personalized. All that, for only $10 a month.

In each month's delivery, you get a handy personalized note card detailing what you've received; yep, it's a surprise until you open the lid. The Birchbox folks suggest that you fill out their Beauty Profile when you sign up for your subscription to ensure that you're getting samples that match your skin type, comfort level, and beauty expectations.

For instance, our box included Jouer‘s body butter with olive and avocado oils for rough patches; Juicy Couture‘s berry-scented Viva La Juicy fragrance; Borghese CuraForte Moisture Intensifier; and Stila smudge stick waterproof eyeliner in peacock. Another helpful aspect of the note card is that it gives you the stats on each sample, including the price of the full portion. Don't be daunted by thinking you can't afford the full thing; although some products are pricier at $70, others are only $20. And you can buy them all directly from Birchbox.

What really charmed me were the non-beauty components of a given box. I'm someone who's really wary about trying new things, so I thought it was smart that Birchbox doesn't seem obsessed with giving you some Hollywood-movie makeover in one package. It's all baby steps, helped along by fun add-ons like a piece of chipotle dark chocolate or a cute (but minimalist) Birchbox magnet.

Get a Birchbox subscription for you or someone you care about right now, by following this link.