These Beyonce Super Bowl Memes Are Bumpin’ Bumpin’

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What's a little Super Bowl halftime show without something to talk about the next day at work? I have to hand it to Beyonce. She made it hard for us. She didn't have a wardrobe malfunction like Janet Jackson. She didn't look like she was going to break in half like Madonna.

But she did, at times during her fourteen minute performance, make a not-so-pretty face and/or body gesture.

So what? That's what I would have said too, until her publicist made it worse. After Buzzfeed published some stills of The Queen during her performance, the Beyonce camp wrote to Buzzfeed asking them to remove some of the more unflattering pictures. Naturally, Buzzfeed had a “nobody puts Baby in the corner” reaction and got on stage to dance. And by that I mean they published both the e-mail from her publicist and the ugly pictures.

But why oh why would it stop there? Have you no faith in the faceless masses on the internet? What followed was an explosion of Beyonce memes of epic proportions. The folks at Reddit were all over the case.

Here are some of our favorites.