Merry Christmas — ‘Between Two Ferns’ And Lonely Island Just Collaborated

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Lonely Island clip The Wack AlbumWhat's the date today? Is it Christmas? Or is it my birthday? It doesn't seem to be, but it has to be one of the two of those or an equally celebratory occasion, because something glorious just happened. Two of my favorite things to laugh at have both been absent for a little while; the first one is ‘Between Two Ferns' with Zach Galifianakis, and the second is glorious songs by Lonely Island and now they're both back and they're collaborating. I assume I'm probably not up-to-date on their latest music, but since Andy Samberg‘s not on Saturday Night Live anymore, there's no handy conveyor belt system to transport their videos from my television into my eyeholes, so I've fallen behind. But now! Lo, now! It's a new way for these videos to find me — hide them inside Zach's hilariously and intentionally awkward interview show and seal it all up like a delicious turducken and leave it lying around my internet for me to find.


The first layer inside this delicious turkey is Zach's interview with James Franco, in which he asks him if he'll ever host the Oscars (because what he did back in 2010 wasn't hosting), asks which art project of his has made people roll their eyes the hardest, and includes exactly the correct amount of vacant stares to satisfy my Franco quotas. And then and then AND THEN comes the new video! Apparently Lonely Island is doing a new thing called #WACKWEDNESDAYS where they release a track from their new album (‘The Wack Album') every Wednesday, which is awesome. This one's a Spring Break anthem, with a lot of your standard gay marriage references. You know, doin' shots, crushin' pussy, marrying a man. Just a normal Spring Break. IF YOU'RE AWESOME. Thanks for the early Christmas, gents, and I'll take my birthday cake with 25.5 candles, if you don't mind.