The 11 Best SNL Moments Of 2013, In GIFS

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It's been quite a year for Saturday Night Live, folks.  We've been through the emotional departures of Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, Andy Samberg, and Jason Sudeikis.  We've also experienced the initial uncertainty and eventual approval of four new cast members, and it looks like another member might be on the way in 2014!  It was hard saying goodbye to Stefon and The Lonely Island, but some new characters are already finding their way into our hearts.

That being said, there were a lot of wonderful SNL moments this year, you guys!  In case you missed any of them, have no fear – your fearless re-capper is here.  I just can't say goodbye to 2013 without revisiting some of my favorite sketches in GIF form.




Christoph Waltz might have won my own personal award for Host of the Year.  I hope the next time he has a Tarantino movie to promote, he finds his way back to SNL.

2. Outside the Lines



Melissa McCarthy is the queen of physical comedy.  Remember her monologue with the high heels?  #dying.

3. Game of Game of Thrones



So many costumes, so little time.  I think Zach Galinfianakis missed his calling, because I could watch him on SNL all the live long day.




It's the battle cry of a generation.  And also something Adam Levine did that actually made me laugh and forget he's a douche for a few minutes.

5. Five-Timers Monologue



I absolutely love it when old SNL hosts and cast members reunite, and this had everyone I love: Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, JT, Candice Bergen, and more.

6. Stefon's Farewell



Anderson Cooper, DJ Bok Choy, Stefon… oh my, what a goodbye to one of my favorite characters!  This season finale was emotional for me, because I am a loser and also I grow attached to cast members very easily.

7. “What Does My Girl Say?”



Kerry Washington somehow made being a nag super adorable?  I know, I don't get it either.  I love her though.

8. Jebediah Atkinson



This is a brand new Weekend Update character I hope sticks around for awhile, mostly because I love Taran Killam and Jebediah actually made me LOL.  Very loudly.

9. Matchbox 3



Okay, what is more adorable than Josh Hutcherson?  Answer: Josh Hutcherson dancing in an Adidas jumpsuit under the moniker “Lil' Peanut”.

10. One Direction's #1 Fan



This was not just one of my favorite SNL moments of the year, but it might be one of my favorites of all time.  Paul Rudd is so adorably aggressive, no?  Such a great host.

11. Family Feud



Justin Timberlake + Jimmy Fallon = the sketch we weren't waiting for and didn't know how badly we wanted it.  I thought this sketch was 10x better than “Wrappinville”, even though that's the one we were all counting on.

12. We Can Stop



I might have to eat my hat, but Miley Cyrus was one of my favorite hosts this year.  I think she did a great job, and who knew she was actually really funny?  And tolerable sometimes?

(Lead GIF: Tumblr)