9 Group Halloween Costumes That’ll Put Every Other Group To Shame

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Little Mix Group Halloween Costume


Choosing the perfect Halloween costume for your group of ragtag misfit pals just got a whole lot easier. Instead of going as different species of sheet ghosts or the dreaded Sexy Elmo you briefly considered, you all can go as Pop Culture! And you can do it together, because if we here at Crushable believe in any Halloween mantra, it's that no man gets left behind. Un-costumed. Whatever, we're working out the kinks.

While we get that sorted, why don't you go ahead and pass this around your group costume cast as soon as possible? That way, you'll give yourselves time to agree, then disagree, then agree again on an idea. Friends, am I right? Can't live with 'em, can't successfully execute the perfect group costume without 'em.

1. All of the Orphan Black clones.

Orphan Black Clone Dance


There are plenty to go around, each with their own very distinct look and personality. Go crazy.

2. Brangelina's brood.

Brangelina Smiling


It doesn't matter that you're a full-grown adult. Everyone knows a JoliePitt kid when they see one.

3. Every person in Pharrell's “Happy” music video.

Pharrell Happy Music Video


To finally put an official end to that song, once and for all. Not really, because the Universe will probably continue to allow it to be played at weddings and in your nightmares. But, still.

4. The year's best awards show hosts.

Ellen DeGeneres Oscars Host Selfie


Which would absolutely include DrakeEllen DeGeneres, and Seth Meyers.

5. All of Taylor Swift's best friends.

Taylor Swift Ed Sheeran Billboard Music Awrads Clapping


Hopefully you have lots of best friends, because she sure does.

6. Every celebrity who's currently pregnant.

Mila Kunis Nod


Bonus: if you've got a few spare babies lying around, you could even toss in a few celebrities who gave birth this year and go as The Real Parents of Hollywood.

7. The How I Met Your Mother series finale. 

HIMYM Series Finale High Five


Go dressed up distinctly like each of the characters, and whenever anyone asks you what you're dressed up as, say in unison, “A disappointment.”

8. The Ice Bucket Challenge

Lindsay Lohan ice bucket video Jimmy Fallon August 2014

(Photo: NBC)

You could mimic Justin Timberlake's Ice Bucket challenge video and each hold your own water bucket. OR, one person could paint their clothes darker shades of their original colors and several others go as the bucket dumpers. And for the whole night, you could pose for pictures as if you're in mid-dump.

9. Every book-to-movie adaptation from this year.

Gone Girl Creepy Stare


Most recently, Gone Girl, for which I don't recommend that you include a penis, no matter how much Ben Affleck might think you need to.

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