16 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Having A Baby

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As a first-time mom, each day seems to bring a new surprise. This doesn't really come as a shock since having a baby does pretty much turn your world upside down. Even though I'm enjoying blindly wading through my new role as Mom, there are a few things I wish I'd known before embarking on this journey. These are the things that no one tells you and yet — somehow — everyone expects you to know. Knowing these tidbits before having a baby would certainly have made the transition much easier!

1. Breastfeeding is not all or nothing.


After two grueling weeks of attempting to breastfeed my newborn every 2 hours around the clock (resulting in both of us sobbing every 2 hours), our pediatrician suggested I begin “supplementing.” This meant I would offer the baby some formula in a bottle after breastfeeding him as long as I could.

I realized that I could actually have the best of both worlds this way — I got to provide the comfort and boosted health benefits from breastfeeding, plus I got the convenience of formula. Had I known this was an option from the beginning, I may not have felt like such a failure for being unable to feed my baby solely through breastfeeding.