17 Reasons Why Beer is *So* Much Better Than Wine

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Beer better than wine!? I know you just read the title of this article and thought, “WTF. This girl is crazy. Who doesn't like wine?” And you'd be wrong. I love wine. I just happen to love beer more. Wine has become a drink of choice among young women, specifically to watch reality TV and gossip with friends (which it's great for), but that doesn't mean it is the best alcoholic drink around.

Wine has everyone in a tizzy about how delicious and great it is after a long day. But beer has all of that too, and more. It is such a versatile drink that I truly believe that beer is better than wine. And hear me out because I can convince you.

I am not referring to the cheap beer you used to shotgun in college. I'm referring more to craft beer, which is an industry that has been growing like crazy. Craft beer isn't just for hipsters with mustaches and old men. It's for anyone who likes good tasting beverages that can possibly give you a little buzz and help you relax.

If you keep reading, I can assure you that if you don't already, you'll end up loving beer more than wine too.

1. It's Less Snooty


Wine has a certain *ahem* reputation. It is seen as a classy drink reserved for those who are a bit maybe, just a little bit, *ahem*, stuck up. You would never catch the Queen of England drinking a beer if you know what I mean. Which is cool for her, but I am, for sure, not royalty. Beer is the working man's drink and I am a working lady so pass me a cold one!