17 Celebrity-Approved Beauty Hacks You’ll Want to Try ASAP

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We've all had to deal with at least one beauty crisis (or maybe a hundred) in our lifetime. Whether it be smudged mascara, puffy eyes, ashy skin, or brittle hair. But you know what? A lot of celebrities have experienced these things too, and they don't always have a team of beauty experts at their beck and call to fix every little problem. This is exactly why we all so desperately need beauty hacks. And lucky for us, these stars have learned quite a few tips and tricks to help make our lives a bit easier!

Another bonus is that these hacks will save people a ton of money because most of them are DIY remedies. Some involve kitchen tools and foods that you probably already have in your kitchen, while others allow you to repurpose certain makeup products to enhance your look. Talk about a win-win!

Check out these cool beauty hacks that'll make you wonder how you survived so long without them: