17 Beauty Gurus Every Makeup Junkie Needs to Be Following ASAP

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There are people that do their makeup well but beauty gurus take it to the next level. Beauty gurus are these magical creatures that have acquired a select set of skills that have provided them with the power to transform themselves (and sometimes others, too) into “Insta-goddesses.”

These beauty gurus have been so generous as to bestow on us muggles some of their tips and tricks to achieving their majestic looks. They have taught us everything from how to achieve the perfect smokey eye to how to fix a mascara mishap without disturbing the rest of our full-face of makeup. Personally, I attribute all my makeup skills to the countless hours I’ve spent following these makeup masters on YouTube.

You may have some favorites of your own, but if you’re not following all 17 of these fabulous gurus, NGL, I’m seriously judging you.