Be Selective About Your Spray Tan, Unless You Want To Bathe In Bleach

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The Daily Beast has a story today about the dangers of spray tans, which at first glance seems like just plain fear-mongering: After all, considering all the dangers of UV rays and tanning beds, aren't spray tans the least harmful way to darken your skin? What's the worst that can happen?

According to the article, it is true that spray tans aren't dangerous, but can lead to super embarrassing color changes or missed spots. And that's when people start putting themselves in danger for the sake of vanity. Says Australian spray-tan mogul Wendy Loupos, “I've had girls call me in tears after going orange from over-application. Some of them have even resorted to bathing in bleach to remove their tans.” We can't imagine that looking like Snooki after a bad batch of orange applicator feels good to your ego, but bathing in bleach? In a unventilated bathroom, that sounds like it could kill you faster than melanoma.